Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Reply to Eric On The Armour of God

Marvin X wrote:
Regarding the armour of God, it is precisely because we refuse to put on the amour of God that we are being slaughtered in the streets. We go about our daily round in a war zone as if we are in la la land, this is true for adults and children. We are in Baghdad but pretend not, so we allow our children to be out all hours of the night in places we know are full of danger.
The armour of God is thus no metaphor but a very necessary state of mind to exist in for the foreseeable future, and this goes for adults as well. In short, be aware of your surroundings at all times and be prepared--boy scouts were taught this. Keep thinking I'm talking poetry or trying to be smart and you will find yourself at many more funerals from Oakland to Newark.The solution is revolutionary consciousness and action, not miller lite bullshit that will keep us treading water. When the churches open their doors to youth who are hungry and homeless, when the politicians stop bullshitting and lying, when the teachers decide to do more than pick up a paycheck, when parents talk with their children about the true condition of our people in this devil's den, there will be motion in the ocean, as in liberation. m

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