Tuesday, July 31, 2007

AFTERWORD: How to Recover from the Addiction to White Supremacy

On the eve of a ground breaking paradigm shift, it is a privilege to perform this analytical autopsy on the corpse of white supremacy. Acting as Dr. M's intern, I have been able to diagnose and treat several patients who suffer from the most deadly disease in world history. In the preliminary stages the illness manifests as a virus known as white consciousness. This psychological syndrome occurred when European colonizers began exploring the world and discovered that the majority of the earth's population possessed some degree of pigmentation. Realizing their peculiar physical differences, Europeans developed an inferiority complex, that evolved into self hate. Eventually, the sickness became so severe Europeans concocted their own special remedy, the myth of white supremacy. Stemming from the virus white consciousness, white supremacy is a disease that causes mental delusions. In a confused psychotic state, the European mind began to fantasize about other culture's significant contributions to civilization until they convinced themselves these great accomplishments were their own. This infectious disease transmitted through psychological projection and mental alchemy, has caused many non European nations to denounce their indigenous culture, for assumed superior western principles.

This phenomena has robbed many people of their historical legacy and inflicted self hate, as they struggle to conform to European standards. White supremacy has become an pandemic, contaminating the world with false facts, and now developed into white privilege and full blown racism. However, after 40 years of research and study Dr. M has led the way to a cure for this once uncontrollable disease. As Dr. M's understudy I have been working on a potential cure to this growing pandemic, using North American Africans as my primary research.

First, a clear understanding of Frantz Fanon's three stages of assimilation, disturbance, and revolution is critical when analyzing the Negro problem, or their addiction to white supremacy. Several attempts such as The Emancipation Proclamation, Amendments to the Constitution, Civil Rights, Affirmative Action, and other Federal based programs have all failed to help the Negro successfully assimilate into American society. Although there are successful Blacks, as a collective group, we still lack institutions and infrastructure other nationalities possess in the American melting pot. Protests and boycotts have brought about little advancement for the masses who are systematically kept out of the mainstream and isolated in their own communities. This inability to assimilate has placed our people in a perpetual state of disturbance. Trapped in poverty stricken ghettos with little or no resources, people rely on empty promise from Negro leadership, who have a false sense of political and economic power. From the crack house to the white house, at some point in their lives, the descendants of ex-slaves will be confronted by white supremacy. In fact, most of our cultural groups and movements have been reactionary in nature, created in response to some sort of disturbance caused by white supremacy racism. Even Black Studies scholars and educators, in their mentally disturbed state are guilty of perpetuating white supremacy. Unfortunately, some intellectuals are unaware of the dialectic that suggest every time the thesis white supremacy is used, the anti-thesis black inferiority is automatically insinuated. Throughout this document I must admit my own guilt for using generic terms such as white, black, and negro to articulate my thoughts. I apologize to all intellectuals of truth who maybe offended by these bad words, however like Dr. M always says, we have to meet the people where they are.
The most apparent example of the disturbance Fanon describes is expressed through violence. Often the rage the oppressed feel for the oppressor becomes internal and turns into self inflicted violence. This phenomenon can be seen from city to city throughout America and in many non-European countries, where the oppressed become their own oppressors. Presently we are combating this by organizing Community Ambassadors in neighborhoods across America, to become Violence Intervention Specialists, that mediate cease fires and peace treaties between rival territories. Clients are then referred to the Hug a Thug Book Club, a rites of passage mentor program that prepares individuals to overcome the obstacles they may face in society. In peer group and inter generational healing secessions, therapeutic techniques and methods have been established that deliver our people from the realm of disturbance to a state of revolution. Unlike the stage of disturbance, which is characterized by anger, rage, and violence, in this stage Fanon describes a cultural revolution that reunites the oppressed with their true self. Inspired by Fanon I propose a three stage method of Detox, Recovery, and Discovery to liberate the mind of the oppressed and the oppressor. First, white supremacy detox battles self hate and inferiority complexes from an indigenous philosophical and historical perspective, through vigorous research and study. Next, recovery takes place on a psychological level when philosophy and history are recreated through the cultural arts. Discovery is the ultimate goal of self realization and becoming one with God and nature. At this level people are in tune with their true purpose, destiny, and mission on earth.
Some skeptics may question Dr. M's credibility as a true medical doctor since all doctors must attend specialized schools and take an oath, swearing to the Greek god of medicine Aesculapius. History proves that Aesculapius is the Greek name for the African Imhotep, the true father of medicine. In the ancient Kemetic language Imhotep means, "come in peace". Dr. M proves to be a true healer, coming in the spirit of Imhotep to bring peace of mind to the world. Thanks to Dr. M we now have a universal approach with the Pan African 13 Steps, so we can begin to learn to love, encourage others to love, and finally end the vicious cycle of self hate. At this point we drop the casket and bury white supremacy forever.

Divinely yours,
Ptah Allah ElMinister of Education, University of Poetry

Ptah Allah El is the first student to graduate from Dr. M's University of Poetry. For his oral exam, he conducted a workshop on teaching teachers how to read, based on Egyptian hieroglyphs, presented at the San Francisco Black Radical Bookfair, 2004, produced at Dr. M's Recovery Theatre/University of Poetry in the Tenderloin district. His thesis was a collection of writings entitled Ghetto Folklore.
How to Recover from the Addiction to White Supremacy by Dr. M (aka Marvin X) is now available from Black Bird Press, POB 1317, Paradise CA 95967, $19.95.

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