Friday, October 16, 2009

Open Mike and Panel Discussion at Baraka 75 Celebration

Lush Life Gallery, 1320 Fillmore St., San Francisco
Monday, November 9, 3-7pm

Open Mike for Amiri Baraka75

There will be an open mike for writers/poets to express their love for
Amiri Baraka--two minute max! Open mike will follow 3pm photo shoot.

Invited writers include:
Al Young
Art Sheridan
Angela Davis
Bobby Seale
Emory Douglas
Tarika Lewis
Cecil Williams
Jan Mirikitani
Reginal Major
devorah major
Opal Palmer Adisa
Ptah Allah El
Wanda Sabir
Cecil Brown
Ishmael Reed
Peter Labrie
Oba T'Shaka
Dr. Wade Nobles
Dr. Julia Hare
David Hilliard
Mayor Willie Brown
Charlie Walker
Alice Walker
Jerri Lange
Dr. Lige Dailey
Khalid Abdullah Tariq Al Mansur
Ula Taylor
Deborah Day
Duke Williams
Aubrey Labrie
Rashidah Mwongozi
Geoffrey Grier
Ayodele Nzingha
Tureeda MIkal
Jerri Lange
Michael Lange
Phavia Khujichagulia
Reginal James

Panel Discussion: Black Studies 40 Years Later—A Dialogue on
the Past and Future
Date: Monday, November 9
Time: 4pm
Place: Gallery, adjacent Yoshi's San Francisco

Invited speaker: Dr. Nathan Hare
Invited Panelists: Mar’yam Wadai, Angela Davis, Dhamera Ahmed, Bobby
Seale, Amiri Baraka, Abdul Sabry
Moderator: Marvin X

This discussion will be followed by a reception/celebration of Amiri
Baraka's 75th birthday. All Bay Area writers, artists, activists are invited to a photo shoot at

Calling All Bay Area Writers: Let’s Salute Amiri Baraka on His 75th

Marvin X, West Coast co-founder of the Black Arts Movement, is calling
upon all Bay Area writers and artists to celebrate the 75th birthday of
Amiri Baraka (aka LeRoi Jones), co-founder of Black Arts Movement, the
most radical literary and artistic movement in American history. Through
the creativity, energy of such writers as Baraka, Sonia Sanchez, Nikki
Giovanni, Ed Bullins, Askia Toure, Larry Neal, the Last Poets, Haki
Madhubuti, Woody King, Ron Milner, June Jordan, Avotcja Jiltonilro,
Marvin X and others, the Black Arts Movement was established nationwide.
This movement or BAM was inspired by the writings and organizing of
Amiri Baraka and co-workers, working in tandem with the black power or
black liberation movement to raise the cultural and political
consciousness of North American Africans.

The East coast celebrated and honored Amiri Baraka for his leadership in
BAM. Now it is time for the West coast to show its love for our greatest
living poet, playwright, essayist, musicologist and political organizer.
We are calling together all writers and artists to honor and celebrate
Baraka’s 75th birthday when he arrives in the Bay Area on November 6.
Marvin X is organizing a special event for writers on Monday, November
9, 4-7pm, sponsored by the Post Newspaper Group, Black Dialogue
Brothers, KPOO radio, and Charlie Walker. Lush Life Gallery, 1320 Fillmore St.,San Francisco, next door to Yoshi's. Call 510-355-6339 for

Sat 7 Nov 7pm EastSide Cultural Center : reading/panel on Black music;
an exhibit & birthday party
Sun 8 Nov 1pm SF Public Library: A talk on Obama
Sun 8 Nov 7pm Black New World: reading/ video
Mon 9 Nov 3-7pm Bay Area Black Writers Celebrate Baraka's 75th at the Lush Life
Gallery, 1320 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, next to Yoshi's
Call Marvin X if you want to be listed as a participant:510-355-6339
Mon 9 Nov 8pm AB performs w/Howard Wiley Trio at Yoshi's SF

Wed 11 Nov Esowan Books: book party, Leimert Park
Thu 12 Nov 730pm Beyond Baroque, Venice
Fri 13 Nov 830pm Still Waters Lounge/Dream Center, Carson
Sat 14 Nov 7pm Echo Club, Sunset Blvd Echo Park

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