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These are some interesting, (tho skewed to the cultural nationalist perspective, like yrself. But they'll do plus whatever else you can ferret out. sont forget the Monkey Question*NY Post AB

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Man, I know we got some deeper shit to discuss, not to say what did we do to be so black and blue ain't profound. I will make up a list of questions such as the following:

1. What about your use of Western myth in the Dutchman as opposed to African myth in A Black Mass and Slave Ship?
2. How do you accept and function in the English language as opposed to making sounds in your African mother tongue, which you can only approach with moans, scats, wails, etc?
3. How do we as writers deal with the colonizers tongue as Wa Thiango has discussed in speaking of the need to return to our native language--are we helpless and hapless victims of the English language. I ask myself how can I write in a language I hate, and yet I am forced to do so because I know no other language--at least I can pray in Arabic which means a lot to me, maybe it is the best I can do.
4. Back to myth--discuss the sisyphus myth, especially in terms of your Opera.
5. Discuss your role as historian in your poetry, especially how it relates to music.
6. What about black and blue. What do you think about the connection between African Music and the blues, does it require a total reconsideration of Blues People, as per Ali Farki and others. I have been totally disconcerted (if that's the right word) by the Kora sound. I am disgusted this is part of my musical heritige that I have been denied, except in thebastardized form of Blues music--this is a crime against humanity.
7. Political questions without end.
8. If this is the end of white power, what follows--which you asked this question in a 1968 interview for Black Theatre. What do we do if and when white power falls?
9. How do you see your connection to Richard Wright, James Baldwin, et al.
10. What is your connection to hip hop?

These are a few questions off the tip of my fingertips, as Martin Reynolds, editor of the Oakland Tribune, said I write from. Let me know if the above questions are corney or whatever.

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What did we do to be so black and blue. ? And about the ny post cartoon. AB

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