Monday, January 7, 2008

Comment On the poem Facing Mt. Kenya by Dr. M

Great piece by Marvin X and I agree: darkness and light,
and everything in between, have the potential for positive

--- Fige Bornu wrote:

> Brother Marvin X in this piece said "we are white with
> evil." Wow, this is one of the few times that evil
> has been associated with the color white versus the
> color black, and I appreciate the inclusion because
> ALL colors are innocent having both positive and
> negative consequences.
> And I know this poem was sent in part to respond to my
> recent pledge to support Barack Obama. And I truly
> appeciate it being shared because it helps me and
> reminds me of what all of this about and what this
> "way" has produced in our people.
> I will be aware.

And I ask you all to be aware that Cynthia McKinney is
seeking the Green Party's nomination for President. Please
give yourself an opportunity to to see other possibilities
than just the Republican and Democratic parties.

Thank you for continuing to keep me in your dialog.


Nan Garrett

Thanks for this healing, Brother Marvin X.
Fige Bornu

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